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Who saves more children from abuse and neglect than any other organisation yet are regarded as irrelevant persons by law in children’s lives.

Well Said Jimmy and Well Done again

Regards and best wishes to you both Claudio

Hi Jimmy, I can only agree with your actions and thank you from the bottom of my heart for doing your best in difficult times for all the grandparents.  I live in New Zealand and my grandchildren are in the UK and finally after 8 long years I have been in touch with them.  I will continue to support you and hope that one day the Government will see sense and give the grandparents the rights they deserve.

Lynda Mahony

Hi Jimmy. You all are doing a great job. In following your guidelines I have established a workable relationship with my estranged daughter in law which has resulted in us having regular contact with our grandchildren. Following the breakdown our son is now following a new career in the navy and will be absent for long periods so we see it as essential to maintain contact. There is so much I would like to say to my daughter in law re the hurt and heartache her actions caused to all of us but I have learned to bite tongue as your guidelines suggest and as a result we are taking the children to their dads passing out parade next week. Much better than lying night after night wondering when and if we will ever see them again. Do not let anyone tell you are not doing a great job.

Regards Alison Bruce.

Jimmy You are oh so right, I remember when I first contacted you over my grandchildren being kept from us they were being used as weapons. The matter was quickly resolved by our son, and although we have nothing to do with DIL, we see children at least twice a week, and are taking them on holiday in August. Our son has told us they would not be able to manage without us.
Take care. Pauline

Hi Jimmy

I apart from loosing my two sons I had to watch what it did to my own mother and father having their grandchildren taken away from them by their German mother in such a brutal manner. In fact it completely destroyed my father something I will never forgive the German regime for.

Keep up the fight if ever you need re-enforcement from South Africa please do not hesitate to give me a call.

Michael Hickman Durban South Africa

Thanks Jimmy,

A brilliant poem.

No matter how many people we send it to and how much noise we make, it falls on deaf ears.

One day soon maybe they will listen.

Keep fighting.



 That terrible night, the four children slept
 "Social Service" were coming, their mother just wept!
Two burly strangers soon broke down the door,
We've come for your children, we must take all four!
The "Social worker" told you "keep perfectly calm"
Your kids are at risk of suffering harm!
So struggling and kicking and screaming with fright
four terrified children, dragged off in the night!
The mother was suicidal, her children were lost
Adoption the target, to save on the cost!
The emotions of children, they did ignore!
This demo will bring a terrible uproar.


Hope you are well and Margaret and all your family, Thanks a million for all your help and support its just great what you do all the time!!

Best regards


Hi Jimmy

I can’t tell you how much better it makes me feel to know I have someone out there I can ask and I am not so alone in all this. I also spoke to a lady in Cambridge who was on the web contact list she was very nice and we had a nice chat but she could not help as she was to do with violence.

Thank you again I will let you know how we get on. My son has also emailed the father and said if contact is not there in 2009 we will review our options and take advice and as you said maybe that will be all it needs.

Happy New Year Vera

Dear James
Thank you so much for your reply.  It certainly helps me.
Happy New Year


I salute you!
Brian of Coventry

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There is a strong case for moving more children into temporary foster care - preferably with grandparents or other responsible family members - having first completed the necessary security background checks.

We need to put as much value and care into placing our children in the hand of others as we currently do when boarding out family pets.   If you abuse and mistreat a pet - you can go to prison, if you don't care for it properly, you can go to prison.  Why are we less concerned, as a nation, about what happens to babies and little children?

Keep up the good work

I have to totally agree with what you have written in your email.  Grandparents are not appreciated in this society at all.  At Step Up we value grandparents highly for their positive input into family life and the support and help that they can give.  Keep on fighting - the children need and deserve grandparents.

Kind wishes and thank-you for all the wonderful work that you do.

My only issue here is that you have not addressed the multicultural issue where grandparents do regularly have a role with children. It may be useful for you to feature those issues. Just an idea.

Well done and keep going with the campaign.

Rita Pal

I fully agree with what you are doing and hope you will succeed Yours Dr Lowenstein 02380692621

Dr L. F. Lowenstein, M.A.,DIP.PSYCH.,Ph.D.
Chartered Psychologist

Allington Manor

Allington Lane

Fair Oak



SO50 7DE

Dear Jimmy

I agree 100% and more must be done to make forums become more politically aware.

One for all and all for one! Keep up your great work

Best regards

John Swinburne

Hi to you both

Just listened to you talk on BBC radio 2 and want to say well done, you showed great love to the memory of your daughter and great love to your grandchildren.


Andrew Stewart

Dear Jimmy,

Good news indeed, another step forward and I wish you every success with the Mobile Family Information and Education Centre.  People tend not to realise until it happens to them and it will give them a point of reference.

Best wishes,



Well done Jimmy and all at Grandparents Apart


Layton Fasset

Well done James!

Lisa Cohen (on behalf of JUMP - Jewish Unity for Multiple Parenting

Hi Jimmy
I note your activities with admiration I think you are doing a tremendous job for the organisation, carry on the good work.
Pat Lally

Keep up the good work Jimmy

Kind regards


Well done Jimmy -for your persistence and passion. You and all those who are part of your org and dreams for the future deserve success. 

Margaret Wright

Keep on fighting Jimmy.  You and I know that you are right and that right should prevail.  Children are our future and precious.

Margie Arts

Thank you James for the love you show and the battle you fight for all the UK Grandchildren.
Since we announced today our next event for Grandparents on next October 2nd, it was great to put your message on the following  pages :
Take care of you,

Corine Contact Europe/International

I can only applaud what you are doing and I wish I had the time to do more. Who knows somebody might see your advert in the Sun who can make all the difference. I know for sure that the powers that be defiantly fear publicity, so advertising might be the key. However, its very expensive. Anne recently had another meeting with the Conservatives who said that nothing will change while Labour are in power. I wish you the very best of luck.

Dave Mortimer



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